Berthing Charges

Minimum chargeable length is 6.1m

5% Discount will be applied on annual berthing charges if paid by 31st March 2018.

1ST APRIL 2018 – 31ST MARCH 2019

Annual Berthing Annual Berthing (per metre) £309.25
  Multihull (per metre) £412.35
Seasonal Berthing 6 Month Pontoon (1 April 2018 – 30 Sept 2018) per metre £196.30
  Multihull (per metre) £261.70
  6 Month Pontoon (1 October 2018 – 31 March 2019) per metre £141.80
  Multihull per metre £189.05
Short Term Berthing Monthly Pontoon (April – September) per metre per month £35.20
  Monthly Pontoon (October – March) per metre per month £27.70
  Weekly Pontoon per metre per week £16.00
  Daily Pontoon per metre per day £3.10
  Drying out Berth per 24 hrs £40.55
Storage Monthly Boat Park per metre per month £18.65
  6 Month Boat Park per metre £96.00
  Boat Park Ad hoc per metre per week £6.10
Compound StorageAnnual Compound Storage per metre £200.00
  6 Month Compound Storage per metre£100.80
  Monthly Compound Storage per metre per month £19.60
  Weekly Compound Storage per metre per week £6.40
Boat Handling Small under 7.6m  
  Lift out inc pressure wash per metre £21.10
  Launch per metre £14.95
  *Mast up/Down (stored on board) £74.60
  Towing (in harbour) £43.70
  Medium 7.6m to 9.4m  
  Lift out inc pressure wash per metre £24.00
  Launch per metre £17.65
  *Mast up/Down (stored on board) £106.60
  Towing (in harbour) £43.70
  Large 9.5m and over  
  Lift out inc pressure wash per metre £28.25
  Launch per metre £19.75
  *Mast up/Down (stored on board) £127.95
  Towing (in harbour) £43.70
Use of Slip Craft under 6.1m (In and out) £13.60
  Craft over 6.1m (In and out) £19.15
  Sailing dinghies & Canoes FOC
Use of Dinghy Park & Slip Annual Dinghy Park £271.60
  6 Month Dinghy Park £148.60
  Monthly Dinghy Park £35.85
Miscellaneous Diesel See office for
current prices
  Impound Release Fee £192.00
  Labour charge (per hour) £54.00
  Cradle Storage (per month) £25.00
  Cradle Hire weekly £15.70
  Washing Machine £3.95
  Dryer £1.90
  Electricity See office for
current prices
  Shrink wrapping for power boats £32.50
  Shrink wrapping for yachts See office for current prices
* Mast to be prepared per marina guidelines

For customers wishing to stay on site all year round, the most cost effective type of contract is an ‘annual berth’, which includes one launch within the contract dates. Please note that leaving during the contract term will still incur the appropriate monthly charges for the period of the contract.

Customers are advised to contact the Marina Office to confirm all prices and charges. VAT is charged at the standard rate. Please note that all fees are due in advance.

  Download Berthing Application Form (Yachts)

  Download Berthing Application Form (Dinghies)

Please submit your application in time for renewal dates and pay the fees within the time limit specified.

Please ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions of your contract. A hard copy of the terms and conditions is on display in the Marina office. Read our terms and conditions.

As a berth holder at Port Edgar Marina you will enjoy:

  • Discounted fuel prices
  • Free storage for your own boat’s cradle or road trailer
  • Free use of the drying out berth (24 hours per annum)
  • Free WiFi throughout the marina
  • Discounted prices on selected resale items from the Bosuns Locker

Ask for details in the Marina office or contact us on: 0131 331 3330 or

Port Edgar Berthing

Commercial Berthing

The marina can offer berthing to small commercial vessels on an annual, seasonal or short term basis.

We currently provide pontoon berthing for a range of commercial craft from pilot boats to passenger transfer and safety boats. These vessels are operated by a wide variety of organisations, from boat tour operators to Police Scotland.

Commercial vessels up to 25 tonnes can take advantage of our lift out facilities, and it’s possible for larger vessels to dry out on the slipway.

We have installed a 20,000 litre marine diesel tank with a customer accessed, high flow dispensing facility for commercial operators.